We have seen in the previous lesson how we can manipulate the content of HTML elements using the text() and html() methods.
Another useful method is the val() method, which allows us to get and set the values of form fields, such as textboxes, dropdowns, and similar inputs.
For Example:

<input type="text" id="name" value="Your Name"



$(function() {
//alerts "Your Name" 


Similarly, you can set the value for the field by providing it as a parameter to the val() method.

Getting and setting form field values is very useful when you need to handle form events and validation. We will cover events later in the course.

Summary ]/su_heading] 

The following jQuery methods are available to get and set content and attributes of selected HTML elements:
text() sets or returns the text content of selected elements.
html() sets or returns the content of selected elements (including HTML markup).
val() sets or returns the value of form fields.
attr() sets or returns the value of attributes.
removeAttr() removes the specified attribute.

Write code and test every method at least one time.