Let’s have a look at all jQuery selectors.
As you have seen in the previous lesson, the jQuery selectors start with the dollar sign and parentheses: $().
The most basic selector is the element selector, which selects all the elements based on the element name. 

$("div")  // selects all <div> elements 


Next are the id and class selectors, which select the elements by their id and class name:

$("#test") // select the element with the id="test"
$(".menu") //selects all elements with class="menu" 



You can also use the following syntax for selectors:

$("")  // all <div> elements with class="menu"

$("p:first")  // the first <p> element

$("h1, p") // all <h1> and all <p> elements

$("div p") // all <p> elements that are descendants of a <div> element

$("*")  // all elements of the DOM 


Selectors make accessing HTML DOM elements easy compared to pure JavaScript.

Useful Selectors

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Don’t try to remember all this, just know that they exist. You can reread this when you need to know more.