Female Empaths: 11 Reasons Why Men Cannot Handle Them

Female Empaths: 11 Reasons Why Men Cannot Handle Them

Female Empaths: 11 Reasons Why Men Cannot Handle Them[\su_heading]

Everyone knows an empath. Just reading those four words, there are likely one or two people who pop right into your head. One of the reasons that is, is because empaths are different than the average person. When people are different – for some reason – their lives are filled with a unique set of challenges.

“The trademark of an empath,” psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff explains, “is that they feel and absorb other people’s emotions and/or physical symptoms because of their high sensitivities. They filter the world through their intuition and have a difficult time intellectualizing their feelings.” (1)

Sound familiar? If so, you’re probably nodding your head thinking of a specific situation where the empath in your life was challenging to talk to or be around. Maybe you’re an empath and know the struggles firsthand.

But, there is something about women empaths that men just can’t handle. Maybe it’s because they experience things so deeply and intensely. Maybe it’s because they have trouble expressing their true feelings. What the real reason may be, men are known to struggle with the female empaths in their lives.

Here a few reasons why…

1) Female Empaths Are Fully Invested

No matter how tough the road ahead may be, female empaths go all in and there’s no turning back. Once their sights are set on a goal or an individual, the emotional and physical energy can often be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t know what to expect.

2) Female Empaths Are Inquisitive

Some say that female empaths ask too manyquestions, but they’re simply inquisitive. They have a longing for knowledge and answers – probably because there are times where they just experience pure, seemingly illogical feelings. So, much like a child, they are constantly asking why.

3) Female Empaths Are Intense

Because the feel so intensely, it makes sense that female empaths behave in the same way. For some, it’s too much to handle. And unless they are incredibly in tune with their own being, that intensity is hard to switch off.

Female Empaths: 11 Reasons Why Men Cannot Handle Them

4) Female Empaths Can See Through Facades

Anyone thinking of trying to manipulate or use a female empath should stop before they even start. They can see through everything – not because the façade is visible, but because they can sense someone’s true intent.

5) Female Empaths Need Constants in Life

Because so much of what they feel can be out of their control, female empaths need some consistency in their lives. Whether it’s a daily morning routine or a specific friend or lover, constants help keep them extra grounded.

6) Female Empaths Are Independent

Although they have constants in their lives and need others for support (as we all do), female empaths are extremely independent. When they are absorbing others’ emotions, it’s something they have to experience all on their own. This can make other people feel unwanted or unimportant.

7) Female Empaths Are Deeply Intimate

If someone isn’t ready for a heightened level of intimacy, they should probably wait to partner up with a female empath. The deep sense of intimacy they can provide is beautiful, but can overbearing for someone who isn’t mature enough or emotionally ready.

Female Empaths: 11 Reasons Why Men Cannot Handle Them

8) Female Empaths Know What They Want

They may not always share their goals publicly, but female empaths know exactly what they want, when they want it, and likely won’t stop until they get it. Because they spend so much time inside their own heads, they have a clear and cut vision of their life’s trajectory.

9) Female Empaths Thrive with Other Empaths

Tribes are crucial, especially for female empaths. They want deep and meaningful relationships, so who better to surround yourself with than other empaths who will understand exactly who you are and where you’re coming from.

10) Female Empaths Are Brutally Honest

If you can’t handle the truth and nothing but the truth, don’t talk to an empath. It’s never easy hearing things not even you know about yourself. But, in the long run, hearing the truth will help you grown as an individual. And that’s what you’ll get when you spend time with an empath – even if it costs them a friend or relationship.

11) Female Empaths Need Freedom

Lastly, you cannot box in a female empath. No matter how much you try to change or save her, it won’t work because they don’t need saving. Female empaths need an inclusive environment and supportive community that will allow them to express themselves freely.

The needs of female empaths are special. The average person doesn’t share the same ones. However, if you do have a female empath in your life, be as supportive, understanding, and open with them as possible. This will help them flourish and understand their empathic gift more, as well as teach you things you may not know about yourself.