PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update to Bring Exploding Fuel Canisters and Ledge Grab Feature

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update to Bring Exploding Fuel Canisters and Ledge Grab Feature

News about upcoming updates on PUBG Mobile has been doing rounds for some time creating hype. There are no revelations on the exact release date of 0.15.0 though but it is definite to go live anytime in October. Due to launch of Royale Pass Season 9 in the previous release 0.14.5, Tencent Games did not push major features. But with PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 version expect a plethora of new inclusions and modifications to the existing feature-rich game.


PUBG has now started including attractive features of the PUBG PC version to PUBG Mobile. For enhanced gaming experience, it has started with features like the Ledge Grab and Exploding Fuel Canisters. Other enhancements include BRDM-2 armoured vehicle, Payload Mode with helicopters and new firearms to allow unparalleled gameplay. Other modifications that can be expected are new weapons, skins and vehicles, a survival supply system, some UI/UX and performance improvements and improvised matches. PUBG has kept its fans intrigued with teasers of features at regular intervals. Phew! Isn’t that too much to look forward to?


From the tweet on the Exploding Fuel Canisters, one can make out that fuel cans in PUBG Mobile will explode if a player shoots or throws grenade at it. “Set traps for your enemies, or react quickly and use them in firefights to secure the tactical advantage. How will you use this new addition to PUBG MOBILE?”

Another feature that is making noise is Ledge Grab. As the name suggests, it gives the players the ability to climb and move from one building to another in mid-air.  It will assist in approaching new spots and striking opponents from unlikely angles. This was not possible before. The only limitation is that the players can’t hang on or slide down railings in the current update. But the feature will be improvised with the feedback received.

The prospects open new instances of unlocking rewards/treasures and needless to say slaughter enemies as well. Both these features were available in PUBG PC since some time.



Another talked about addition in PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update is the Evoground Mode of Payload mode. Equipped with repair kits, in Payload mode, players will be able to travel by two vehicles, namely helicopter and the BRDM Vehicle. But it will be restricted to Erangel map similar to War mode in Arcade section.

Armoured UAZ has been modified and replaced by a modish armoured vehicle BRDM-2. It will retain the basic feature of rendering safety when a player is racing towards the zone line, somewhat similar to the Armoured UAZ.

PUBG MOBILE in Update 0.15.0 has more to offer on “large caliber chaos this October.” It will be introducing the most powerful semi-auto handgun in the world, Deagle. It administers the maximum damage in comparison to the rest of pistols but with the most recoil.

The accessories like skins will be at easy disposal now. The waiting period for the official release of skins on Mobile will no longer be needed. 0.15.0 update is said to bring a ‘Graffiti Stickers’ functionality which allows players to design their Helmet skins and Grenade skins too. Though it is available in the beta versionbut not confirmed yet by Tencent Games. PUBG Mobile fans are also looking forward to the biggest updates ever in the history of Battle Royale game.

When will PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update be released?

There is no official communication as to when the update will be seeded except for teasers at usual intervals. There is a hint on the month of release in the tweets from PUBG Mobile though. “Update 0.15.0 is going to be an absolute blast this October.” You can get set your hands dirty in the second or third week of October. If this excites you, let us know by commenting below.


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