How to Gift Items (Rename Card) to Friends in PUBG Mobile

How to Gift Items (Rename Card) to Friends in PUBG Mobile

Many have wondered how possible it is to gift Items in PUBG; Truth is, it is Very Possible with the introduction of the new 0.6.0 Version Update.

We got Some comments in some of our previous posts, Asking us to explain more about the Pubg new Update, and Gifting items, is one of the new features of the Update. We appreciate the comments, an would like to request that it is kept going, As it gives us new ideas and areas to cover in our information.

Below I will take you through the steps involved in gifting items to Friends:

Step 1 

From the lobby, Click on the “Cart” to Open the “Shop”,



Step 2 

Tap on the “Treasures” icon to Open treasures Panel.



Step 3

Select The item you want to Gift; (Rename Card)



Step 4 

Tap on the Pacakge Icon to Gift Item.


Step 5 

Select the Friend you choose to gift item to.



And THERE! You’re done! Wasn’t that difficult right? Please Drop your comments in the comment section below and we will answer more of your questions & Requests.


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