How to increase K/D Ratio in PUBG mobile? What is k/d Ratio?

How to increase K/D Ratio in PUBG mobile? What is k/d Ratio?

Increase K/D Ratio in PUBG mobile | Now days PUBG mobile are getting very tough. There are many good & Pro players in every match of PUBG. No matter, if you are good or bad player in PUBG but if you have good K/D Ratio then you maybe consider as a pro player. For being a pro player you must need to have 4 to 5 + k/d ratio. If you have more then 5 k/d then your friends must be call you pro.

So if you searching on internet about How you improve k/d ratio in PUBG mobile then you are in right place because here we going share with some useful tips and tricks to do the same. No matter how you play PUBG i.e by camping or defending and in attacking mode, if you read the full post and follow our tips then you might be able to increase your kd for sure.

How to increase K/D Ratio in PUBG mobile

What is K/D Ratio in PUBG mobile ? How to Calculate kd ratio?

K/d Ratio is stand for Kills per Dies in a PUBG match. To elaborate it’s here is a example, Suppose if played two match and win one match with 8 kills and got killed in another match with 2 kill. So let’s calculate your k/d ratio.

You just played two match but you die in only one match so it’s means PUBG will count only One match and that’s why your k/d ratio will be 10. So the winning percentage of your game will also matter in PUBG mobile. If you get more chicken dinner and got at least 5 kill in every match then you k/d might be more then 5 for sure. Hope you guys now understand the main formula to increase it.

How to increase K/D Ratio in PUBG mobile?

You might hear that someone’s k/d is more 5, another one 10 and 15 or maybe more higher. So now the main question appear that how they increased their k/d ratio in that level. So there is several way to improve it, you just must get the luck, good mobile phone, good loot and most importantly Skills. so below we are discussing some of them

1. Do NOT Drop at Hotspots : Now let me explain you why, if dropped there and get some kills it’s good. But if you died without a kill then your kd will be decrease and if there chances and you will get killed after 3 or 4 kills if you don’t have a good squad . Drop there only if you have a good squad .

2. Drop at minor popular spots : Like Mylta city (not mylta power) Rozok, school, apartments, primsork there you will get enough kills and chances are you will encounter at least 4 to 5 bots there so kill them and boom 5 free kills.

3. Wait till the Last Circle : Every squad had lost 2 or maybe 3 members in fight so the remaining player will be either nervous or frightened and the player had probably damaged vest or helmet so wreck them. There was the time when I got 5 kills when last 28 people’s where alive so don’t get annoyed if you didn’t get kills earlier.

4. Try to keep at least one strong covernearby you every time like a stone or a tree. Pickup smokes at least 6 every-time because you are going to need it my friend use it in last circle to confuse them

5. Use compensator on Assault Riffles rather than suppressors Because if you are playing squad matches then even if only one of your squad members fire a single shot without suppressor the enemy will spot all four of you so they are pretty useless on ARs.

6. learn to use LMGs they are best to wipe out squads and in last circles cause they have a stand so when your Proning the recoil of DP and M249 is almost zero.

7. Always keep a vehicle with you and I said always it’s gonna help you to run or to rush towards circle or if you don’t have any cover just blast your car and it will be a very good cover.

8. Win Matchs : We already discuss that the winning percentage is matter in k/d ratio. Kd means kill(s)per death ratio. So win as many as games you can.

So these are the simple tips to improve your k/d ratio from 1-2 to 5-6. If you follow all given guide carefully play PUBG with skills then you must have a good k/d with more 5 for sure.


We hope after reading the full post you must get a brief idea on increasing K/d ratio for sure. If you follow all the tips then your kills ratio might be increase but most importantly you need to have skills to play PUBG. If you have good Skills like, 4 finger claws, moving foot firing and other then you can improve k/d by droping on Hotstops and killing peoples as much as you can and win matches.

Hope you guys find this post helpful and we able to give solution to your query in this article, if then please share this post with your PUBG squads, friends and also if you have any query regarding this then Feel free to comment below we loved to help you.

#source: onetechchips

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