VIDEO: Soldier Fires Gun Into His Mouth To Prove His Juju Works

Soldiers Fires Gun Into His Mouth To Prove His Juju Works

VIDEO: Soldiers Fires Gun Into His Mouth To Prove His Juju Works

Security is been a major challenge in the nation today, more largely is the advent of the insurgent group that has made it virtually impossible to live in the northern part of the country.

Seeking ammunition and other security strategies to submerge the incessant rising of these insurgent groups, Nigeria security agencies has been involved in many securities activities to top up their game.


In a surprising or rather shocking event, an unidentified member of the Nigeria soldier took to social in a video posted by him in a house with several other people where he was seen showing forth the strength of his juju (Charm).

The video that went viral stunned the social media as the soldier with three different kinds of guns, pointed it to his mouth, shooting himself directly into his mouth.

Claiming that his charm would shield him against bullets from enemies during battles, the soldier, revealed that no one can come close to them and no amount of fire shot against him can get to him nor kill him.

Hitting his chest to boost of the potency of his charm in the face of live bullets, the soldier turned to the camera used in making the video, making bold fierceness and a daunting remark that he cannot be trapped, held, maimed or killed by any bullets, hence he’s untouchable.



This would make one ask the eminent question is this thing true and does it work or just a façade, to make that judgement, take a great look at the video below: 




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